What is the Xamarin platform?

We love tools that help our clients save time, but some of them are easily misunderstood. Here's the scoop on Xamarin.

What is the Xamarin platform?

An image depicting several mobile devicesXamarin promotes sharing

Xamarin's platform promotes code sharing as much as possible. Apps are authored in C# and share on average 75% of code across platforms. The Xamarin.Forms API allows native user interfaces to be built in C# or XAML, which can increase code sharing to 100%.

Infographic image showing how an idea turns into a native app using multiple platforms.


An icon depicting a clock with circuits

Xamarin apps are fast

Xamarin apps are compiled to a native binary. Mono, a fully-funtional implementation of the .NET runtime, is bundled with the app to provide access to platform-native APIs. This gives Xamarin apps strong performance in demanding situations, like media and complex data visualization.


An image showing examples of media and data visualization

A graphic showing iOS app performance using Xamarin.

A graphic showing Android performance using Xamarin.

*Source: Harry Cheung, Mobile App Performance Redux