How to Work with Gmail Features in Big Systems

Help with tackling small - but frustrating - Gmail features in large software systems.

How to Work with Gmail Features in Big Systems
Photo by Stephen Phillips - / Unsplash

Sometimes it's the little things that can give software developers the biggest headaches.

The systems we use every day - think AirBnB and Facebook - are some of the most complex and elegantly designed bits of software that exist in the world. But even the most sophisticated system can be tripped up by something small. As software and mobile developers working with big systems, we know exactly what this feels like.

Fortunately, our team likes to think about solutions and write them down! Our Sensei of the Coded Arts, Steve Maier, recently tackled how to work with Gmail features in his own blog post.

If you or another dev you love are struggling with the . and + in email addresses, please check out Steve's post on this topic here. It might save you some time, or your sanity!