ASP.Net Boilerplate is a web framework you've likely never heard of, but probably should have. Fortunately, I just published a new episode of Code Hour where I give an overview of it.

In the episode I show how ASP.Net Boilerplate provides a huge leg up when starting new web projects. I show how it generates a fully functional site complete with authentication, authorization, multi-tenancy, auditing, and a ton of best practices like dependency injection, unit of work, and repository pattern.

While I only show the Angular front-end, I point out that there are four different front-ends to choose from including React, Angular, Vue, or ASP.Net MVC 5 with Razor Views.

If you've got a spare hour (or far less at chipmunk speed), watch and learn why I think it's awesome, and how it can make you a hero on day 1 of your next project.

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