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Cross-Platform UI Testing with Specflow, Xamarin, and CodedUI: Part 1

Posted by Matt Wilhelm on Apr 22, 2016 1:40:13 PM

Just about every developer is familiar with the benefits and costs of Test-Driven Development.  Regardless of your personal stance on the topic, it is hard to argue against the evidence that automated testing often pays huge dividends in improved quality, reliability, and efficiency.  In fact, on most well-managed projects these days unit testing is a first class citizen. 

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Xamarin vs Ionic: A Mobile, Cross Platform, Shootout

Posted by Lee Richardson on Mar 29, 2016 8:39:28 PM

Ever faced with choosing among competing frameworks; needing to make a decision you/your customer won't regret?  If those frameworks are for building cross-platform mobile apps and are Xamarin and Ionic, hopefully this article will help.

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Xamarin: 5 Reasons I'd Do It Again In a Heartbeat

Posted by Lee Richardson on Mar 23, 2016 10:21:19 AM

Pretty darn nice.  That about sums up how I feel regarding Xamarin development after working with it on two separate projects over the last year.  I'd choose it again in a heartbeat despite having built pure native apps for every major platform, and having built a mobile app in JavaScript with PhoneGap and Ionic.  Here's why:

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