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The InfernoRed Team at Microsoft Build

Posted by InfernoRed Team on Mar 26, 2016 2:51:41 PM

As Microsoft Build draws nearer, we can hardly contain our excitement for the conference. This year, Build will feature everything from Hololens to UWP on XBox.  As a Premier Xamarin Partner, we are also excited to learn  more about the impact of Microsoft's acquisition of Xamarin.  Recently wrote a post on why we go to Microsoft Build - we are excited for all of those reasons as well.  If you see a member of our team please stop and say hello!  Get an InfernoRed sticker!  See you all next week!

Scott Lock - Co-Founder and former Microsoft C# MVP

Scott_Lock.pngAt MS Build, I'm excited about the Microsoft demo of the Hololens, and seeing what direction Microsoft wants to take with Xamarin

You'll find me talking to developers, customers, and pretty much anyone on the street who will listen.

Follow me at @scottlock


Art Lucia - Co-Founder and Software Architect

artlucia.pngAt MS Build, I'm excited to hear more on some of the new and soon-to-be-released developer tools in Microsoft's pipeline. Mobile developer sessions will be my focus again this year as InfernoRed continues to be a high-quality, cross platform, mobile development company.

You'll find me in an InfernoRed shirt catching up with devs outside of sessions.

 Follow me at @codesmithart

Josh Blanchard - Co-Founder and Software Architect

Joshblanchard.pngAt MS Build, I'm excited to see the latest Xbox announcements and hear more about HoloLens!

You'll find me hanging out with our team @infernoredtech and talking to developers about building cool products.

Follow me at @BlanchardJosh


Pamela Vong - Technical Wizard

pamelavong.jpgAt MS Build, I'm excited to learn more about HoloLens and (hopefully) getting to try it this year! I am also looking forward to finding out where Microsoft is taking mobile development with Xamarin and web development with .Net Core, Visual Studio Code, NodeJS, TypeScript, and Angular 2.

You'll find me wearing my Women Who Code and InfernoRed apparel.

Follow me at @pamtaro

Ed Snider - Xamarin MVP and Mobile Developer 

edsnider.jpgAt MS Build, I'm excited to learn more about Microsoft's recent aquisition of Xamarin. I am also looking forward to learning more a bout XBOX One developement with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) at the conference.

you'll find me at any session involving XBOX One and UWP.

Follow me at @edsnider

Brian Meeker - Engineering Wizard

brianmeeker.jpgAt MS Build, I'm excited to read all about the adventures my teammates are having at Build through Twitter as I anxiously wait for the arrival of my own latest innovation! I'm hoping to hear about the future of Xamarin and progress on .NET Core.

Follow me at @CuriousCurmudge or on my blog at: 


Ed Buhain - Technical Overachiever

edbuhain.pngAt MS Build, I'm excited to learn about the direction Microsoft's taking with its hardware... and (fingers crossed) how easy it'll be to build software for those devices.

At the conference, you'll find me building some software in the coding challenges... or waiting in line for them.

Follow me at @buhain, as I try to keep up with #bldwin!

Joe Tusing - C# Brewmaster

joetusing.jpgAt MS Build, I'm excited to see how UWP and Continuum for the phone has progressed since the last //Build. I'm also excited to learn about the new developments in .NET Core as well as Angular 2.

You'll find me by spotting the sea of red InfernoRed Tech hoodies! 

Follow me at @tusingj

Roberto Hernandez - Developer Extraordinaire

robertohernandez.jpgAt MS Build, I'm excited to learn more about Microsoft's effort on the open source .NET Core platform.

You'll find me at any session involving the .NET Core platform.

Follow me at @hernandezrobert or on my blog at:


Colleen Tibbs - Agile and SharePoint Maven

colleentibbs.jpgAt MS Build, I'm excited to learn the latest and greatest at the keynotes, and get the insider scoop on the implications of the Xamarin acquisition.

You'll find me hanging in the sea of InfernoRed Tech hoodies!

Follow me at @cmmtibbs


Dave Ferguson - Software Artison

daveferguson.pngAt MS Build, I'm excited to learn what is on the roadmap following the recent announcement of Xamarin joining the Microsoft team

You'll find me at any session dealing with cross platform development or ASP.NET.

Follow me at @somecodeguy


Kyle Upchurch - Code Poet

kyleupchurch.jpgAt MS Build, I'm excited to  learn about everything going on, but UWP and .Net Core sessions will be a must. I'm also looking forward to Xamarin sessions to see how that is going to change the mobile development landscape..

You'll find me trying to get through  one the excellent hands-on labs.  I hope to actually try the a HaloLens this year.

Follow me at @Kyleup

John Warner - Senior Developer

johnwarner.jpgAt MS Build, I'm excited to learn more about the future of the Xamarin platform and tools and how it affects becoming a Certified Xamarin Developer.

You'll find me in sessions about Xamarin, Azure, and data visualization

Follow me at @jbawarner


Ryan Korsak - Software Sculptor 

ryankorsak.jpgAt MS Build, I'm excited to learn about the potential of the HoloLens, and hope to actually try one out.

You'll find me bouncing around as many sessions as possible and naively trying to attend every single event, especially because this is my first //Build!

Follow me at @thinkbrain


Matt Wilhelm - Weapon of Mass Construction

Mattwilhelm.jpgAt MS Build, I'm excited to learn about Microsoft's recent acquisition of Xamarin and look forward to seeing the direction we are headed in regards to unifying platforms to create new and compelling user experiences.

You'll find me attending session on cross-platform mobile development, GIS, IOT, or anywhere the Hololens is spotted in the wild.

Follow me at @addressXception

Corey Ringham - Software Consultant

coreyringham.pngAt MS Build, I'm excited to be able to demo and hear the future of Microsoft’s HoloLens platform because of my passion for VR and its application, not only to make life easier, but also to console gaming and combating sedentary lifestyles.

You'll find me bouncing around from demo, to class, to booth trying to squeeze as much out of Build as possible!


Lee Richardson- Solution Samurai

Lee_-71-square-150px.jpgAt MS Build, I'm excited to learn more about Microsoft's take on the Internet of Things. Additionally, like many of my peers, to learn more about what the Xamarin acquisition means for Microsoft.

You'll find me at most Xamarin and Windows IoT presentations, or anything Scott Hanselman will talk at.

Follow me at @lprichar or on my blog at:

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