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Pamela Vong is a polyglot senior software engineer/wizard who enjoys crafting mobile and web applications for work and for fun. She embraces a variety of platforms, languages, and frameworks because it's using all about the right tools for the right job. In the community, Pamela strives to make a difference by bringing more diversity and inclusion to the tech industry. She is a Director for Women Who Code DC where she mentors and encourages women to pursue careers in software development. She is also the founder of Codettes.NET, a global group she hopes will be able to diversify the .NET world she actively works in.
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Customizing the UI for Fire TV (and Android TV)

Posted by Pamela Vong on Apr 20, 2017 3:01:10 PM

Why would you want to build apps for Fire TV? Well, Roku may be the current leader in the market for streaming TV boxes, but Amazon Fire TV's share of the market isn't too far behind at 2nd place based on data collected from comScore as of December 2016.[1] And like other Amazon Fire OS devices, Fire TV is built on top of Android, so we can leverage most of the existing Android libraries and tools to build our TV apps, making them useable on both Fire TV and Android TV devices!

If you've used a lot of Fire TV apps before, you may have noticed many of them have a very similar look-and-feel. This is because many (if not all) of them have built their apps on top of the Android Leanback support library, so they usually end up looking similar to this out-of-the-box design:

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Topics: Android, Fire TV, Android TV, Leanback, UI, Java