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Ed Snider is a senior software developer, speaker, author, and Microsoft MVP based in the Washington D.C. / Northern Virginia area. He has a passion for mobile design and development and regularly speaks about Xamarin and Windows app development. At InfernoRed Technology his primary role is working with clients and partners to build mobile and media focused products for iOS, Android and Windows. Ed also blogs at, can be found on Twitter at and his book Mastering Xamarin.Forms is available at
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Integrating Visual Studio Mobile Center and Trello using Azure Functions

Posted by Ed Snider on Nov 3, 2017 1:26:02 PM
My current project is an awesome project. We're using Xamarin.Forms to build beautiful native iOS and Android apps. And, if that isn't awesome enough, we've totally automated the build and distribution process of these apps using Visual Studio Mobile Center . I absolutely love Mobile Center and how simple it makes setting up CI/CD. You can literally setup a build job in less than 5 minutes with no build host machines or any of those types of complexities that normally come with setting up CI. As you can tell I'm pretty excited we're using Mobile Center to automate the app builds and releases for this project. But there was one thing I was still having to do manually - updating the Trello board after each build. Clearly this must be automated as well!
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Topics: Xamarin, Mobile Center, CI, Azure Functions, DevOps, Trello

Building Apps for Xbox One with UWP

Posted by Ed Snider on Mar 30, 2016 1:23:15 PM

As you probably heard in the keynote at //build today – it is now possible to leverage the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to build apps for Xbox One!  Since the last //build in 2015 we have been using UWP to build single package apps that can be shared by phones and desktops that run Windows 10 – a huge step up from the Windows 8.1 “Universal” app development story.

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Topics: UWP, Windows 10, Xbox One

Successfully implementing Cortana in your UWP app

Posted by Ed Snider on Mar 9, 2016 7:16:58 PM

Cortana is a great way to bring some of that Windows 10 platform goodness into your app.  With Windows 10 and UWP, it is now possible to get Cortana integrated into your app for mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. At InfernoRed Technology, we have worked with several of our favorite clients and partners, including National Public Radio (NPR), Sesame Street, and Nexia, to build successful Cortana experiences into their Windows 10 apps.

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Topics: Windows 10